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 Video Production for Advertising your business at Expo's and on the Internet. Send out DVD's about your business.

FREE Set up of IN HOUSE Websites for Any Fishing Guide without a site.
Subscribe and we will build you a single page site. I know travel is down and fishing traffic is slow, without guides I have no site..
so I will work with you through this slow down and keep your costs low so you can stay in business. This site will have one advertisement and will use links to hotels that pay FHIN Enterprises.
FHIN Donates 75% of its Hotel Earnings to Charity.
Hosting will be free for the first year. After 1 year you will pay $5.00 per month for hosting. Your domain name will be a subpage of FGHP.com
Example: www.MatternGuideService.FGHP.com  is one of the sites I have set up for free.
I do request that you pay FHIN Enterprises $5.00 per guide trip once your site is established. This is an honor system.
If you book a person who says they found you on the internet.. you should pay me $5.00 unless they did not find you on your website.

FGHP.com known as Fishing Guides Home Page does not have the best Format, I do not have a Million Dollar Budget or a TV
Show to promote my guides.What I do have is this website and top rankings for "Fishing Guides", "Fishing Trip Information"
and for most "State" Fishing Guide Listings. No site can match our search results, and we do not charge Hundreds of Dollars.
Matter of fact I am now offering FREE one page websites to all fishing guides hosted on FGHP.com and to embed video on your
listing. No other site currently offers that, although I am sure they will. No other site offers personal responses to
Questions about fishing guides. I spend the extra time and effort to get you business, including doing local shows and working with all kinds of websites.
We have been recommended by Field and Stream in at least one article about Striper Fishing in Georgia -
You will have to look hard.. we are in small print at the bottom of the page, but my Georgia Guides will benefit from the exposure.
I do not have the ambition to have my own TV Show or to make a million dollars. I just like working with guides and helping them to make money from what I do.
Jim Dicken

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Weekly Stats Report: May 15 - May 21 2006
Project: Fishing Guides Home Page
URL: http://www.FGHP.com
  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 3,942 3,414 3,219 3,274 3,231 2,411 3,227 22,718 3,245
Unique Visitors 2,102 1,868 1,758 1,784 1,742 1,370 1,683 12,307 1,758
First Time Visitors 1,971 1,746 1,627 1,663 1,623 1,303 1,592 11,525 1,646
Returning Visitors 131 122 131 121 119 67 91 782 112

This daily average is over 96,000 page loads per month.
That is an average of 50,000 unique users and First Time Visitors
Returning Visitors are a good indicator of the number of trips the site books per day.

Guide Listings

To Get Listed.. The fee is as follows.
$50.00 to set the listing up. It will include a picture and the listing information below.
After that the cost will be $25.00 per year to continue to advertise. This will be billed 2 times a year in $12.50 amounts through Paypal.com
IF you do not want to use Paypal.com please contact me to make other arrangements.. such as emailing a regular bill.
I am also going to offer to post Video for any charter in place of the picture. The video must be loaded to Yahoo.Video or to YouTube.com and I will then
Embed the video on Fishing Guides Home Page for $10.00 for up to 6 months. The cost to change Video is $10.00 per change of video.
If the video expires I will replace it with the picture. Check out our first Video

Copy the following and send to: Jimd072@aol.com Jim Dicken Owner FGHP.com OR Fill in the information at this link...  Guide Information
Guide Listing Information Form Fill out this form and it will be directed to me instead of you having to email.

Name of Guide Service
Name of Guide
Waters you Fish
Species you fish for:
Phone #:

Business E-mail Link:
Url of Website:
20 to 25 word description of your business:

URL of picture of company logo:

We no longer use Google Checkout. Google recently increased its fees by nearly 50% overall and I will not when I have lowered Prices to help
others, work with a company that raises prices during an economic downturn. Beyond that Google's Business Practices are becoming more and more
deceptive and harmful to those working with it. Adsense Publishers have not at this writing been paid in over 3 months. That is due to the simple fact
Google figured out that some companies were playing it, and stealing. Google was benefitting from this since it was not detecting fraud from dynamic IP Addresses.
So if you are a Google Adwords Customer you may have been the victim of competitor's clicking on your ads, in order to reduce your REAL traffic, and
you may also have paid for clicks to people who were making money from their own accounts.

 Set Up Fee

$25.00 for Advertising Set up. This is your set up fee payment button.
There is a yearly subscription fee payable to the right.

You will need to subscribe as well on the button to the right. The Subscription fee is to maintain the site and to help me purchase ads to promote the site, and in turn your business. This directory has in the past also provided free advertising to Disaster Area Guides and will continue to do so for any guide who needs assistance during any Disaster or Economic Downturn. Still those that can afford to pay need to do so.

Subscription Button
click the button below to be charged $12.50 every 6 months.

NEW POLICY : Starts May 16, 2012

Using the Subscription Button when you submit your listing, (IE Prepayment) gets a guarantee of listing within 72 hours. Failure to get listed in less than 72 hours means we comp your Set Up Fee.
( I do have certain travel dates that occur each year that may not be included. Usually in May, Sept, and October when I am not in internet connection range.)

Resorts, Marina's, Motels, and Hotel Ads

Placement of 1 Banner Ads cost $25.00 per year currently. These are 468 X 60 Banners at the top of the page you want. (Maximum 2 banners per page) As the number of user session grows prices will rise. There are discounts for multiple banner ad placement.  5 banners $100.00. FGHP  charges $50.00 per 10,000 user sessions.  Placement and location should be worked out before payment is made. Some pages on the site may not get enough traffic to justify the $125.00 pricing and we may have to provide a discount. 

Email for availability. Space is limited and some states are filled.

Banners of 230 X 30 can be placed in the body of a page for a price of $25.00 for 1 year. Text Ads can be placed at any location for a cost of $30.00 per year for 1 Banners and Text ads will be placed at the discretion of FGHP based on the load time of the page. If load times get to high banners for pages will be refused for the benefit of the guides on the page.

All banner ads need to be approved by the site, and you should first contact us concerning placement before paying using the Pay Pal service.


Contact: Jimd072@aol.com
or call 502-636-1305

Tackle Stores
By right of ownership, I reserve the right to help small tackle stores to survive the onslaught of the K-marts and Wal-marts of the world.  We need the local tackle store not only to be able to buy live bait, and odd items,  but as a place to sell new ideas that the big guys won't try and as a place to trade ideas and get information.  The fishing world will be less if we do not patronize the local BAIT SHOP.  
Therefore, I will list any tackle store For the sum of $15.00 for 1 year. You listing will be on the State page where you are located and I will list you with the guide of your choice.  It would help if you had a web page, if you don't I will build you one for $50.00. You get 2 pictures, and Text equivalent to the Strange Bait Web Page that is located on the Kentucky Page of this site. There is a storage fee for the web space of $5.00/month.  TOTAL COST  $100.00  per year if I build your web page. The web page will allow you to send requests for links from other sites as well as from FGHP, and to advertise your business in places that you would normally not be able to if you did not have a web page.

Contact: jimd072@aol.com
or call 502-636-1305

Others contact me for ad prices.

Contact: jimd072@aol.com
or call 502-636-1305

Currently FGHP is ranked # 1on Google for the Term Fishing Guides, as well as on MSN, YAHOO, Dogpile and AOL. This changes from time to time, but
normally by March of each year we are #1 if not #2 on all of these major search engines. I also advertise on Overture and Search 123
Overall our individual pages appear in the top 10 for search terms Containing (Location) Fishing Guides on 48 State pages.  This includes 36 #1 rankings and 10 Top 5 Rankings for our pages.
Under the search term State Fishing we are listed in the top 10 on 33 pages the top 10 on 10  states, the top 5 on 10 pages. For listings using state abbreviations (Example = OREGON Fishing) we are #1 on 17 state pages

We advertise each state page individually increasing relevancy over other listings on the same search page.
You will find our "State" Fishing Guides Page listed at or near the top of each state page on Goguides.org

The main site Fishing Guides Home Page is currently #1 on Goguides.org 

FGHP works very hard to promote each and every guide that lists with us. Realistically you should get 2 to 4 trips or charters per year from FGHP.com and 15 to 30 hits a month.. This is a REALISTIC appraisal based on 2 years of traffic and the feedback from guides on the site. THAT IS WHY THE #1 Trafficked Guide Directory only charges $25.00 per year for an enhanced listing with a $50.00 set up fee. OTHER sites which are bigger, and are part of sites promoting tackle and all kinds of fishing related things DO NOT get the traffic that FGHP.com does  looking for a guide. We know they are over charging. Compare our prices, and you will not find any other site with as much traffic that charges less.
It is our job to find you business, and to that end we answer questions for AllExperts.com

Jim Dicken

What Our Guides Say



I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for what you do at the Fishing Guides Home Page. From the week I signed up last June, I saw an increase in web traffic and phone calls. I have "statcounter" attached to my site, so I can track the path of hits. FGHP is producing 20% of all hits. I pay a lot of money for advertisement, and don't see the results I would like. Everytime I see FGHP on the statcounter, I grin so big that I give myself a facelift. Post this on your site as a satisfied customer.


Captain Tom Beckham

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE Sportfishing Charters


(843) 241-2376


PS If anyone doubts the authenticity of this letter, have them email me  captain@dogsfish2.com

Hi Anglers!
My name is Todd Berg and I'm the owner of Into The Outdoors- a multi-species fishing and hunting guide service, licensed in both Wisconsin and Illinois. A couple seasons ago, I was approached by the good folks at the Fishing Guides Home Page about promoting our services through their website.

Having never done much online advertising and having received so many empty promises from online promotional opportunities that turned out to be shell games, I was initially a bit skeptical how some far-off web manager was going to successfully promote my business in areas well outside my geographic location. The proprietor of the site however, after giving me all the information about their placement in search engines and their dedication to their business philosophy and skills, convinced me of the possibilities and talked me into running a banner ad on their site for the 2000 fishing season.

Shortly after my banner ad appeared, I received an e-mail from a gentleman in California- over 2000 miles away- to find out about a fishing date two weeks later, on a southern Wisconsin lake that he'd heard a great deal about. Apparently, he was coming to Madison for a business conference, found that he had a day or two to spare and wanted to fish this lake. I booked the trip with him and asked how he'd found us. He said he'd done a search on the Internet, found Fishing Guides Home Page and saw my banner! Immediately, the investment was starting to pay off.. (insert one smiling fishing guide here!).

Not one week later, I received a phone call; this time from a gentleman from Vermont- who was coming to the Chicago Metro area for a family reunion, and he wanted to take his young son out fishing for Northern Pike ("Pickerel" as he called them!) and wondered if I might be available. When I queried him on how he'd located us, he rattled off nearly the same story as the client from California! Needless to say, we booked the trip, had a great day on the water with he and his son and they've promised to book me for two days in the 2002 season when they come back to town again!

Since my initial advertisement with Fishing Guides Home Page, I've booked more than 20 trips that I can tie directly to this campaign. By my figuring, I've returned the investment more than 20 times over thanks to the good selling and great follow up provided by http://www.fghp.com and I can't wait for the next step in our program. We're opening up operations in Michigan very soon and we expect a big part of our promotion to be associated with those same fine folks at the Fishing Guides Home Page who delivered on their initial promise.

If you run a guide service and you're not using their service- our experience tells us you should reconsider. There are lots of promotions and lots of empty promises out there on the Web, but this is one service that delivers exactly what they say and they keep delivering it successfully and with great leadership. I only wish every lure in my tackle box was this effective!

Safe Travels, Tight Lines, Sharp Hooks & We'll Look for You on the Water!

Todd Berg

Haven't e-mailed you in a long time, but just had to tell you how much we appreciate your site, FGHP, and your Snook site too. ( FGHP.com has a new page just for Snook Charters in Florida added this year)


We were really astounded to find on our referrals page that you were number 5 with 160 referrals in February.  We have had several customers tell us they found us on your sites.  The only referrers above you were 2 sites of Google and 2 sites of Yahoo, that's fantastic advertising when the only people that can beat you are the two biggest search engines in the world.


Thank you again and keep up the great work.  We always see you on the top of the main search engines if anything about fishing is pulled up.  We have people trying to get us to advertise with them daily, but you never see their name anywhere.  

Very Happy,

Captain RW Best

Not everyone will have the same results of Todd Berg and Into the Outdoors as well as Captain RW Best.... However I work daily to find ways to bring traffic to the site and spend over 50% of our income on advertising on Search Engines and Web Sites on the Internet. We aim to bring each guide enough listings to keep the cost of advertising on this site to 5% of the revenue generated by the ads here. We feel this is fair.

I figure that every 100 unique users means 1 guide trip. A 1% return on traffic. It may be higher, but this is what we base our statistics and the fees on. I am the owner and the webmaster and I do all the work on the site. As an independent site I can make alliances with other sites as I see fit and can trade links with competitors if I feel it will result in good traffic for the site and business for the guides.

Jim Dicken
Owner FGHP.com

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