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Title: Titan Icons
Description: Professionally designed royalty free digital icons, logos,
web templates, and graphics, suitable for all of your on and
 offline application needs.
Who we go to when we want something better.

Cost of Banner Production
$25.00 for a basic .jpg
banner 468 X 60

Smaller Banners and Icons
are the same price.. simply 
because they take as much 
or more time to make.

If you would like to have a 
banner made for use on this
site or on other sites,
 contact me at

The Moving Marquees
you see on some adds 
are a function of 
Front Page and NOT part
of the banner. 

Jim Dicken

This Button was created
for Bass Boat Magazine

Free Buttons... Just link to as your source
for these Buttons.

This button can be obtained
Free along with buttons 
featuring Bass, Bluegill, 
Redear, Muskie, Pike, 
Crappie, Sauger, Walleye,
Hybrid Stripes, Stripes,
Spotted bass, Smallmouth
amd Rock Bass.

E-mail / Home / and Other
Buttons created free in 
return for a link to

Submit request for NON
Sample Button to we 
will mail you the button for
FREE.. if you provide a link

Below are Examples of Banners I have made.



Lake St. Claire Resort
Clean washrooms & showers, supervised pool, playground, activities, 18 hole golf course, licensed restaurant, ice.

  Banners in 234 X 60 as well as Full Size
Louisiana Fishing Charter


Purchase your banner on the busiest page on for just under 3 cents a day. Over 70 people per day view this page. Traffic based on actual traffic 2004

...***Ask for your $25.00 Discount when you book this charter***....

We also have several hundred background pictures to choose from. If you have
a specific background in .jpg in mind contact me for information.
We will provide these .JPG files for a one time fee of $5.00 for use on your own 
site.. IF you want exclusive use of a background or button the fee is $15.00.


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