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Rio De Vida Fishing Tours
Mark McPherson & Rogerio Soares
Paraguay River in the Brazilian Pantanal wetlands
Dorado, Pacu, Piranha, Payara, Giant Catfish

P.O. Box 210187
Nashville, Tn. 37221

Phone: 1-800-582-2195

Rio De Vida Fishing Adventures Home Page 

Complete fishing packages including native guides and professional translators (1 per every two anglers).  Special:  AUG-SEPT-OCT - US$2995 (Save over $800) - Reserve you space now!


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Peacock Bass Amazon Special
My name is Leo Madeira and I am a trip coordinator from
Check this site    I always travel with the group helping
 with translation and guiding for your successful trip.  For more information contact
 Leo Madeira @ 412 - 848-5879.

Amazon Fishing Trip at Roosevelt Ranch

The Roosevelt Ranch is a privately owned destination, which is without a doubt
a great adventure. The ranch is so large that you can drive 30 miles and still
be on part of the ranch. The Roosevelt River goes through the ranch and offers
great fishing, bird watching, and photography.
Jander Moro, manager of the ranch, will be our guide through the Amazon. He is 
a professional angler and guide and has his own sports fishing show in Brazil.
Itinerary: All departures are from Miami, and fly into Manaus, the capital city of the
Amazon. The flight is about 5-1/2 hours to Manaus, with a connecting one hour 
flight to the city of Porto Velho in the State of Rondonia. We will then overnight 
in a nice hotel, with a full breakfast buffet. 
Day 1:
Departing at 5am by a special 4x4 van, we will travel the Amazon Highway for 250
 miles and visit the local native indians along the way, arriving by dinner time.

Day 2,3,4,5,6:

Fishing (peacock bass,pacu,red tail and tiger catfish,etc.) ecotourism trails, 
 and observation of the animals and birds that this region of the Amazon has to offer.

For more information, visit : The site is in Portuguese,
but it will give you an idea of the accommodations and the species of fish that will be 
Contact Leo Madiera for more information on Cost and other opportunities to fish in 
Brazil on other rivers. Including the Rio Negr, Nhamunda, and other lesser known 
destinations. Leo is a Brazilian Native who has contacts in most areas of  Brazil who
put you on Monster River Fish, like the Pirarara, and other Catfish, as well as the 
worlds largest scaled fish.

For more information Contact: Leo Madeira 412-262 79 90 E-mai adress: For this trip ckeck the site of:

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