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If you are a freshwater fishing guide in Hawaii and you are not listed here please contact me.
On the Island of Oahu is one Man Made Lake called Lake Wilson. It is 475 Acres
There are also other smaller lakes throughout the islands, most of which are water reservoirs for
cities and for ranches. Many of these hold freshwater fish populations. Most are not large enough
for a boat however.  There is also some fishing for Rainbow trout in some streams. You can find
most information about the fisheries on the links below. Bass Fishermen you can now
take the wife to Hawaii and still go fishing on vacation.....


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Hawaii Bass Fishing
Oahu, Lake Wilson   (475 Acres)

Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass (Butterfly  & Tucanare)
Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Red Devils, Cichlids, Carp
Tilapia, and Bluegill

4114-A Mauna loa Ave.
Honolulu, Hawaii. 96816


Hawaii Bass Fishing Home Page

The lake is closed one day a month to spray for a weed that was introduced to the lake.
Contact the guide for information on this and for dates of closures.

We fish only on the island of Oahu on "Lake Wilson" located in central Oahu. "Lake Wilson" is a private reservoir of over 475 Acres of windy fishing grounds. It can be very narrow in some places and the depths range up to 60 feet. The level of fishing is usually difficult during the winter months and moderate to easy in the summer months. We fish for Large mouth Bass and two types of Peacock Bass (Butterfly, Tucanare). There are Small Mouth Bass in the Lake too but not very many and we don't persue them. The butterfly
get up to around five pounds and the tucanare get up to fourteen pounds. The largest on record is eleven pounds. Summer brings lots of top water action where winter does not. We also take families out for other species like Catfish and Red devils. The  kids really enjoy that. There are many species of Cichlids in the lake as well as carp, Tilapia and of course bluegill.




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