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Fishing Guides Home Page does not currently recommend travel to Italy under any circumstances. Italian Government Officials are currently filing false charges against the Knox Family of the United States in order to silence them in defense of their daughter. While I (James Dicken Owner FGHP.com ) do not have an opinion on her innocence or guilt for the Country of Italy to charge these people with libel in order to silence them is deplorable and wrong. There is no guarantee that any other American will receive fair treatment in Italian Courts. Even a small amount of attention to the trial in Italy shows that the Prosecutor himself is under investigation and has been charged with falsifying evidence in other cases. The Phone Number to the Italian Embassy is 202-612-4400 call the embassy and tell them you will NOT visit Italy until they drop these charges.

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Fishing Charter in Sicily - Freccia delle Egadi
Sicily Channel, Mediterranean Sea shoals and banks
(Skerki, Talbolt, Pantelleria, Egadi Islands and more)

Swordfish, Tuna fish, Big groupers, Greater Amberjacks, Sea Bream, Bass and more.
Address: Piazza Castello 14, F
avignana Island (Trapani)
7 miles away from west Sicily coast
Phone: +39 3381950927

Fishing Charter in Sicily

loth28@hotmail.it  or use the web site booking form

Fish on the best banks of the Mediterranean Sea, accomodation and meals included! We do: night trolling for swordfish, trolling with live bait, tuna fishing, inchiku to big groupers, drifting, jigging, big game fishing and more. Sailing from Favignana, Egadi Islands sea reserve (7 miles away from west Sicily coast).

Tavolara Fishing Charters
Sardinian Waters
of the Italian Mediteranean

Bluefin, Bonito, Mackerel, Dorado,
Amberjack, Bass

Tavolara Fishing Charters
Home Page

The TAVOLARA Fishing Charter, Guided fishing with larger boats (15" to 21") are available. With bad weather is easy to find many very good places to fish from shore. White beaches, easy to walk rocky shores, small estuaries, saltwater lagoons. Finding fish can be not easy but possible with all conditions because there are sheltered spots for whatever wind direction.

Paolo Sala Fishing Center
Meditteranean Sea
Waters off Sardinia Italy

Over 13 Saltwater  Species
both Inshore andOffshore
Including Billfish, Tuna, and Barracuda

Paola Sala Fishing Center
Home Page

Opened in Porto Ottiolu since 1989, The Paolo Sala Fishing Center specialize in trolling and drifting along Sardinia island north eastern coast. In the last years the Fishing Center opened to fly and spin fishing for schooling pelagic gamefish.

European Catfish Trips
Guides- Luke Moffatt and Budgie Burgess
Waters fished- Rio Ebro,River Saonne,Sielle,
Tarn,Petite Rhone,River Po,
River Dyje,Volga Delta.

Species fished for - Wells Catfish.
Contact for France and Italy
Luke Moffatt,Penn Lodge,
Tilehouse Lane,Denham,Bucks,UB9 5DA
Tel:01895 835745 Fax:01895 835265

Contact for Spain, Czechoslovakia
and Russia and Italy
Budgie Burgess
23 Queensway,Lydd,Romney
Marsh,Kent,TN29 9HH.
Tel:01797 321618


If you are a guide or charter in Italy and
would like to be listed on the
Italy Fishing Guides Page
please contact me at jimd072@aol.com

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Fly fishing dolomiti
Angelo Piller
Rivers of Upper Veneto like Piave &
Boite, South Austrian Rivers like Drau
& Slovenian Rivers like Soca, Unec,

Brown Trouts, Rainbow Trouts,
Marble Trouts, Hybrids, Brook Trouts,

Via C.Battisti 43 32043
Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) Italy

Phone: 0039-3289682924

Flyfishingdolomiti  Home Page


Flyfishing with a guide in the rivers of the Italians Dolomites and surrounding areas like the famous
Slovenian and Austrian Rivers.

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