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Fly Fishing for Trout and Bass in Western Maryland


Bass Fishing For Beginners Basic Bass Fishing Techniques

Bass Fishing System - More advanced techniques

Bass Fishing Secrets  - Techniques of the Pros

Fishing Secrets and Short Stories -Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Walleye, learn what the best know

Fly Fishing Guidebook - Basics of Fly Fishing

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Hotels, Motels, Marina's, Tackle Stores
Informational Links
FRESHWATER Fishing Guides
SALTWATER Fishing Charters
CHESAPEAKE BAY Fishing Charters
Lower Chesapeake Bay Charters /Va.

State Agencies
Fishing & Hunting Regulations
Online License Application 
Natural Resources 

Federal Agencies 
USGS Stream Flow Data


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Fishing Information

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Maryland Adventure Vacation Spots 
48 + 2 Maryland Information Page 

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111 Travel Directory (Triple 1.com)
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State by State Outdoor Activity Directory

Everything about sailing, fishing, boating, yachting, scuba diving, charter, sailing vacations, exotic holidays, boatbuilding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, waterski, jet ski, shipbuilders, yachtdesign and more...

FRESHWATER Fishing Guides
SALTWATER Fishing Charters
CHESAPEAKE BAY Fishing Charters
Lower Chesapeake Bay Charters /Va.

Catch Photograph and Release  How to Get that
Replica Mount as Lifelike as possible.
A Fishing Guides Work is Never Done
From Fishin.com
From Bass On Hook.com
Articles from Outdoorcentral.com 
Hot Freshwater Fishing in Florida in July & August!
Lake Okeechobee is producing 40 pound Tourney
Stringers in July and August. Read about our trip.

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Boat Loans & Boat Insurance BoatUS.com
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CHESAPEAKE BAY Fishing Charters

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FRESHWATER Fishing Guides

Fishing Videos and Pictures

Amazon Fishing Trip
Salmon Fishing on the Kenai
Interview with Drew Sadler
Man Kisses Piranha
Halibut Fishing in Alaska.. Jim Catches a big one.
Trophy Pike on the Manitou
Our Excellent Lake Trout Adventure  NEW!
Breakfast at Green Island Lodge
How not to tie on a lure...
40 Pound Striper from Rainbow Guide Service. NEW!
When Jacare's Attack.. almost
The Catfish Whisperer
Sea Otters at Play on the Kachemak Bay

Fishing Motels

USA Hotels and Motels


Lower Chesapeake Bay Charters /Va.


Fishing Motels  Book here and we will donat 75% of what we make to  www.FreedomIsNotFree.com which helps soldiers wounded in the war on terror. Minimum Donation is $3.00 and we get a 7% commission, so you can figure out how much of your booking and stay is going to charity. Jim Dicken Owner FGHP.com

SALTWATER Fishing Charters

Tackle Stores



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