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Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Tuna, Wahoo
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Posada La Cigala
Morgan Sauce
Salt water, flats and offshore

Bonefish, Permit , Tarpon,
Tuna, Kingfish, Wahoo

Ave. Fco. de Miranda. Edf. Saule.
Piso1. Office 11Chacao.
Caracas, 1060 Venezuela

Phone: (212) 263 2606 .
Fax: (212) 263 4091 .
Mobile: 014-337 6281
014-200 4357

Posada La Cigala Home Page

Fishing Adventours
Los Roques Archipellago

A different Los Roques, with all the
fishing attractions of the famous
tropical flats, moving around the
archipelago with wonderful sailing
ships and fishing in the less
crowded areas.


The new Government of Venezuela is disparraging of the United States. While I could find no travel advisories you should do your homework before visiting this country and know that our Governments are not on "good"  terms.
Jim Dicken / Owner FGHP.com

Bonefish Venezuela
David Valerio, Eleian Valerio,
Ruben Palacios
Archipelago Los Roques National Park


Phone: 0212-263-2606
(You will need the Country Code)


Bonefish Venezuela Home Page

Where do we fish: Orinoco/Ventuari
river sistem, at the Amazona ungle.

What fish do we catch: Peacock Bass.
Three different species of that cichlid.

- Cichla Nigroleatus or Royal Pavon
averages about 5 pounds.
- Cichla Ocellaris or Butterfly
averages about 4 pounds.
- Cichla Tementis or Cinchado, in
Spanish, all reaching over 20 pounds.


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